IQ city Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Durgapur aims to transform the institution into a global centre of learning through the application of creativity, innovativeness and discipline.  


  • To Create Ideal Ambience for Learning and All-Round Growth. 
  • To Help Students Inherit Professional Ethics and Leadership Qualities, and to be Creative, Agile and Confederate.  
  • To Establish Professionalism, zeal for Higher Learning and Training & Placement as Three Core Values.  
  • To Develop a Symbiotic Relationship between the Institution, Faculty, Society and the Community for Mutual Betterment with a Global Perspective.  


IQ city Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Durgapur is committed to impart quality Education and Training that satisfy the requirements of our students in the fields of Pharmacy. Our aim is to be an institute of excellence in global terms in the field of quality technical education through continual improvement.


To produce:

  • Diploma, Under Graduates who would have developed strong background knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences and ability to use these ideas in an environmentally sustainable fashion in their chosen fields of profession.
  • Diploma, Under Graduates who would demonstrate technical competence in planning and problem analysis with the help of modern tools in the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Diploma, Under Graduates who would attain professional competence with self-identity and ethics through life-long learning such as advanced degrees, professional registration, and other professional activities.
  • Diploma, Under Graduates who would function effectively through unambiguous communication in various pharmaceutical fields.
  • Diploma, Under Graduates who would be able to take individual responsibility and to work as a part of a team towards the fulfillment of both individual and organizational goals.