The Department of Community Medicine deals with the health of population. It is a branch of medicine that endeavors to guard the well-being of the community through primary health care approach. The department measures the health needs of populations and suitable strategies are prepared in order to improve community health status through health promotion, disease prevention and health protection. The primary care Physicians would be an effective leader with the ability to identify, prioritize and manage the health problems of the community. For constantly polishing their knowledge, students are imparted with regular trainings in community medicine for enabling them to benefit the community. Department of Community Medicine is committed towards high quality teaching and training in the theory and practice of Community Medicine through a multi disciplinary approach in collaboration with Primary Health Care and Voluntary Organizations.


  • To Train ‘BASIC DOCTORS’


To Train ‘BASIC DOCTORS’ who are

  • Care Providers
  • Decision Makers
  • Communicators
  • Managers & Community Leaders

Laboratories and Facilities

The students of Community Medicine are facilitated with a learning laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with multimedia teaching aids and modern health models to complement students’ with on-the-field mode of training. Students also have access to a well-stacked library with various Indian journals and subject books by reputed authors.

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • Doctor of Medicine in Community Medicine

Services Offered

  • OPD services : At UHTC & RHTC
  • Outreach activities : UHTC, RHTC, Sub centres, Health check-up camps, School Health
  • Research consultancy to departments in the college and other institutions in the university and outside.

Infrastructure Facilities:

  • Ice Lined Refrigerator
  • Fully equipped Public Health Laboratory
  • Audio – visual aids
  • RHTC & UHTC facilities
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Well equipped Statistical Cell with two computers
  • Well equipped Museum containing over 250 exhibits
  • Life Style Museum
  • Demonstration Rooms
  • Department Library


Community Medicine
Dr. Gautam Ghose Principal
Dr. Indranil Saha Professor & HOD
Dr. Rakesh kumar Associate Professor
Dr. Sasthi Narayan Chakraborty Epidemiologist Cum Associate Professor
Dr. Tapas Kumar Som Assistant Professor
Mr. Sudip Ghosh Statistician cum Assistant Professor
Dr. Sudip Banik Chaudhury Assistant Professor
Dr. Debdutta Banerjee Assistant Professor
Dr. Ayesha Kriti Rahman Assistant Professor
Dr. Subraham Pany Assistant Professor
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Chakrawarty Assistant Professor
Dr. Archan Mukherjee Tutor
Dr. Nilufar Aftabi LMO
Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee LMO
Dr. Aparna Tewary Tutor
Dr. Chinmay Ray Tutor

Equipments and Models

  • Microscope oil immersion
  • Filter, berk field
  • Hydrometres, Spirit
  • Hydrometres, milk
  • Hydrometers, wet and dry bulb
  • Centrifuge clinical
  • Harpenders Callipers
  • Dissecting microscope
  • Boring of tube well
  • Baby weighing machine
  • Computer with printer, scanner and photocopier and Internet facility
  • Model of slow send Filter
  • Model of rapid sand filter
  • Louvre’s ventilator
  • Bio Gas Plant
  • Bore hole latrine
  • Septic tank latrine
  • Section of Septic Tank installation
  • Mosquito collecting Device
  • Museum jars
  • Models, charts, diagrams, specimen
  • Weighing machine adult
  • Dissecting microscope
  • Filter, Pasteur chamberland, complete
  • Comparator, Nessler with disc
  • Barometer, Fortin w/o mercury
  • Extraction Apparatus, fat, complete
  • Protected (Sanitary) Well
  • Insanitary well
  • Step well
  • Haemoglobinometer
  • Vaccine carrier
  • Sling psychrometer
  • Glucometer

Services Offered

The curriculum also includes –

  • Students counseling and orientation programmes
  • Mentorship
  • Online Course Assistance
  • Encouraging UG and PG students to participate in the quiz, seminars and conferences in and outside the university campus.
  • Guest lectures.